Oracle SAYTU       An Emotional and relaxing healing

This Oracle was made by Matias de Stefano (a person who holds ALL memories about everything, please research on youtube about him) and brought - until now - to some people since 2018.

This Oracle is based on the Sayonic language (Atlantean times) when the humans started to forget the principal information: We are all Gods. After those informations were also extended to Egypt.

How all we know, we are multidimentional beings. We are in many levels of consciousness and frequencies. Probably our "guard angels" ou "masters" are onle we (yes, yourself) in another higher frequential level of consciouness.

This Cosmic Oracle allow us to "comunicate" with our being from first dimension until ninth dimention (1D until 9D) giving us information about our 'life plan' that we forget (to live this experience here) and also what we had already learn in other "lives".

This amazing new tool is now avalible to us in THIS NEW TIME.

Are you ready for this? Are you curious? So, drop me a line. Will be a pleasure to open this amazing new tool just for you.



***Dieses Orakel kann auch in deutscher Sprache gelesen werden.***

***Este oráculo puede ser leído también en Español.***