My grandfather's name was  Felizardo Avelino Cerqueira.

Based on studies about my grandfather, I recognized the energy that is natural to me: that of Magnetic Love of the New Age.

Asking myself where this energy that I feel and work comes from, I found a text from him dated 1958:

"I, with the aid of the study of esoteric, was able to discover in myself a force that is commonly called magnetism. This force comes from childhood, but I completely ignored it and it was only very late that I was able to perceive it, but even so, in many cases, I for not understanding it gave it the very vulgar name that almost all ignorant people apply (Devil)

(...) when this force is nothing else but the true God. Vibration in aid of mankind itself..."

"When I had the true knowledge of my internal forces, I tried to be always in direct contact with those whose frequencies were consistent with them. Today I have a knowledge above all my feelings and I see clear as the light of day that the earth very much needs that man cultivates this luminous source that will give men a true clarification of pure truth. Men, who are already enlightened, say "Know the truth, the truth will set you free". The splendours of the magnetic force that I found accumulated in all the bodies that gravitate in the cosmos, is the only cause of all the phenomena that they commonly call miracle or supernatural. There is no miracle or supernatural, it has never existed on this planet, there is no example that can be verified of such phenomena. What has always existed and will always exist is a force which the vulgo has always ignored and which has been managed by men like Moses, Joshua, Zoroaster, Jesus and many other great initiates. Where it has been most studied and practiced is in Egypt, Greece, Assyria, Phoenicia, Babylon, Tyre, Alexandria and many others, bringing to earth an admirable enlightenment. But men have always kept it under a terrifying secrecy, giving rise to the brutal censures of ignorance on the part of those who do not know (...)". 

"(...) In a recent interview, Getúlio Sales, son of Sueiro, would also talk about "prayers" and hypnosis techniques used by Felizardo during treatments: "He was a healer, but it was not with medicine, he prayed. It wasn't really praying, it was business of spirit. I didn't see it myself, but I heard it. But with my father, he says he was sick, he cured. He says he was very sick. I said to him, "Boy, I'll heal you." He says that Felizardo was healing many people, but my father doubted it. He says he started praying and my father got sleepy. He sat there, he didn't even sleep, he prayed and my dad got well" (Getúlio Sales, Tenê Kaxinawá, Rio Branco, August, 2007).(...)"

More details in the book of his biography, but only in Portuguese:

Felizardo Avelino Cerqueira
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